Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hunter

Clark Foundation

   Ryan Memorial Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hammonds

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Nancy Klein

In Memory of Leah Thornton Lozano

 Mr. Daniel Ryan

Ms. Bette Kenzie

Mr. Richard Marks and Mrs. Amy Haines

Mr. Richard Granville

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baines

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stoltz

  Mr. and Mrs. Al Sikes

Mr. Guy Brummel

Mr. Ronald Jenkins

Mr. Charles Piety

Ms. Alice Ryan

Dr. Dennis and Dr. Mary DeShields

Dr. Michael and Karen Fisher

Mr. James Vermilye

Mr. and Mrs. Moorhead Vermilye

Mr. and Mrs. Derick Daly

Mr. Rick Scobey

Mr. Dick Deerin

Mr. Ray Dalio and Mrs. Deandra Cordani

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Millar

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Murray

Mrs. Barbara Heatly

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lowery

Mr. Philip G. Russell & Mrs. Martha G. Russell

Mrs. Joyce Doehler

Mr. Steve Doehler

Shirley Gooch

Joan Cox

Rima Parkhurst

Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Smith

Mr and Mrs. Peter Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. Art Cecil

Mr. David Webster and Ms. Marguerite Owen

Ms. Nina Houghton

Mr. and Mrs. Robby Gill

Ms. mary Ann Schindler

Mr. Colin C. Ferenbach

Mrs. Katrina Kern

Mr. J.T. Smith II

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton A. Vince

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jenkins

Mr. John Riehl III

Ms. Susan C. Rabenhorst

Ms. Hilary Spence

Mr. Dick Greenbaum

Ms. Michelle Lohnmeyer

Ms. Hannah N. Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Passarella

Mr. Dan Watson and Ms. Brenda Stone

Ms. Gina Brent

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bodorff

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reed

Mr. Edward C. Simonoff

Dr. and Mrs. L. Bradley Baker

Ms. Signe Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. richard Crowley

Ms. Eunice B. Shearer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard VanGilder

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Collison

Mr. and Mrs. Loius Codispoti

Mr. and Mrs Bill Mcallister

Mr. David Miligan

Mr. and Mrs Jack Shannahan

Mr. and Mrs. J. Northrop Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lane

Mr. Richard Rajacich

Mr. Hans Gruenberg

Mrs. Margaret Keller

Mr. Michael took and Mrs. Susan Piggott

Ms. Leslie Passano

Ms. Lynn S. Freeburger

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Stewart

Ms. Amelia B. Steward

Mr. and Mrs. Graham Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Parkinson

Ms. Molly Burgoyne

Mr. James Redman

Easton Elementary School

Easton Middle School

The United Fund of Talbot County

Royal Bank of Canada

Blake Blackstone American Legion

Orion Safety Products

 Network for Good

America’s Charities

United Way of Capital Area

The Dock Street Foundation

Putnam Family Foundation

Firstman Foundation

Baird Foundation

Clean Soaps


Dr. Christian T. Evans, M.D. and Delmarva Radiology


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