Top 10 Apparel Wholesale Market in China

There are lots of apparel wholesale markets in China.They’re like buzzing hives where retailers, wholesalers, and makers all come together to buy and sell clothes in bulk. From Guangzhou’s lively streets to Shanghai’s vibrant markets, you can find all sorts of stuff, from budget-friendly basics to fancy designer wear.

These markets are the heart of the fashion scene, offering a huge selection, great prices, and a fun atmosphere for shopping.

Guangzhou Shahe Apparel WholesaleMarket

Guangzhou Shahe Apparel Wholesale

One of Guangzhou’s top three clothing wholesale hubs, attracting buyers from across China and beyond, specializing in mid to low-range apparel.

Hangzhou Sijiqing Wholesale Market

Hangzhou Sijiqing Wholesale Market

Established in 1989, it ranks among China’s most influential primary wholesale clothing markets, featuring mid to high-range fashion and leading brands.

Guangzhou Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market

Dating back to the Kangxi era, it’s renowned for trendy Japanese and Korean styles in mid-range women’s clothing, attracting buyers nationwide.

Guangzhou Baima Clothing Wholesale City

The largest and most sophisticated market for mid to high-range clothing, serving both spot and retail needs, and offering franchise opportunities.

Wuhan Hanzheng Street Wholesale Market

Known for its comprehensive range of apparel along with two major indoor markets, catering to various clothing needs.

Fujian Shishi Clothing City

A prominent hub for clothing wholesale in Fujian Province, offering a wide selection of apparel options.

Dongguan Humen Fumin Wholesale Market

Recognized for its diverse offerings and convenient location in Dongguan, attracting buyers from all over China.

Beijing Dahongmen Wholesale Market

Serving as a key destination for clothing wholesalers in the capital city, offering a variety of apparel options.

Shanghai Qipu Road Clothing Wholesale Market

A bustling marketplace in Shanghai known for its wide array of wholesale clothing options.

Shandong Jimo Clothing Wholesale Market

A major wholesale destination in Shandong Province, catering to buyers with a range of clothing needs.

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