Below are the final plans of our new BAAM Building located at 31 Jowite St, Easton MD 21601. Due to storm water management rules, we were required to modify our original design. Instead of having a multi-level building with classrooms and a Gymnasium, we decided to build a single level Gymnasium, Community room and Office at this location. Once this building is completed, it is our goal to move the middle school program to the BAAM Building and then modify our existing BAAM Center to incorporate a larger Event Room, Classrooms and additional office space. The end result is to have all of our students in one campus location. In addition, we are planning to install a self-reliant solar system which will power both sites.

We have raised over 2.5 million dollars in cash and pledges which covers the total projected cost of the BAAM Building.  Our next push is to raise funds for the cost of the BAAM Center which we are projecting to be in the range of 1 million dollars.  I am asking you to please consider BAAM when you write your next contribution check.  We started 14 years ago serving 5 families. Since then we have served over 200 families and have been very active participants in the community. These facilities will allow us to support children from 1st thru 12th grade by giving them a safe place to learn and just hang out. Their exposure to our staff’s positive attitudes and wisdom could change their lives forever. Take it from me, it is worth every dollar.  By saving one child we could be saving generations of children.

Thanks for your support!

Derick Daly

BAAM Executive Director