Best running shoes for man 2024

I am looking for a pair of best running shoes for myself. Running footwear represents a worthwhile investment for novices engaging in jogging as well as seasoned sprinters. These shoes not only offer crucial support but also boast versatility, suitable for both running errands and complementing various athletic ensembles.

The predicament arises from the multitude of options available online, ranging from high-end purchases to more budget-friendly choices. However, the pivotal aspect revolves around their comfort, especially for individuals with flat feet, and their distinctive features, particularly if one seeks footwear resembling basketball shoes.

Typically, sneakers tend to cater to specific sports, such as tennis or basketball, elucidates Bruce Pinker, DPM, an expert in foot and ankle surgery and a board-certified podiatrist at Progressive Foot Care, in conversation with The New York Post. Pinker further expounds that running shoes typically incorporate a mesh material across the toe box to facilitate airflow, aiding in mitigating excessive moisture within the foot. This attribute contributes to reducing conditions like Athlete’s Foot fungus (tinea pedis) and toenail fungus, specifically.

Moving forward, The New York Post has consulted board-certified podiatrists to compile a comprehensive list of the top 18 available pairs. This curated selection is geared towards simplifying the process for consumers, making the purchase as effortless as a mere click, allowing individuals to swiftly acquire their preferred choice.

Subsequently, the publication presents an extensive FAQ section, delving deeper into insights regarding men’s running shoes, aimed at enhancing consumers’ understanding and aiding in selecting the ideal pair. Additionally, expert guidance on the best walking shoes for both men and women is also provided.

Best Overall Men’s Running Shoes

Brooks Running Men’s Ghost Max Running Shoes:

According to Elizabeth Bass Daughtry, DPM, a physician specializing in foot ailments and sports medicine, this shoe offers a 6mm heel-to-toe drop coupled with added cushioning, ensuring supreme comfort for runners or non-runners seeking a neutral shoe with enhanced cushioning.

Moreover, Brooks Running has earned the prestigious title of “best overall” in the guide to women’s running shoes endorsed by podiatrists.

Best Budget Men’s Running Shoes

New Balance Men’s ROAV Running Shoes:

Daughtry highlights the Fresh Foam midsole cushioning and full ground contact outsole, ensuring comfort while on the move. With an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, these sneakers offer a lightweight ride and are available in a diverse range of colors at an affordable price point.

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi V4 Running Shoes:

Renowned for versatility, these athletic shoes combine New Balance’s Fresh Foam midsole and durable outsole, guaranteeing all-day comfort and exceptional performance at an affordable rate.

Best Splurge Men’s Running Shoes

New Balance Men’s 993 Running Shoes:


This shoe stands out among the best due to its exceptional comfort, support, and classic design, as emphasized by Pinker. It is highly suitable for runners or walkers, stemming from the renowned 990 series and incorporating responsive cushioning and premium materials.

HOKA Men’s Mach X Running Shoes:


Crafted with high rebound cushioning and PEBA foam, this shoe strikes a balance between endurance running and speed increase, while offering comfort and versatility across a range of colors.

New Balance Men’s FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3 Running Shoes:



Designed with a dual focus on energy return and reduced weight, these shoes employ a breathable engineered knit upper and offer a secure, locked-in fit with a built-in tongue.

Daughtry attests to their lightweight nature and cushioned ride, advocating for their capability to power through a day’s marathon.

Coincidentally, Daughtry herself endorses the comfort of this footwear, expressing personal satisfaction while wearing a pair at present.

Best Trail Running Shoes for Men

Saucony Men’s Peregrine 13 Running Shoes:



With a PWRRUN foam midsole and PWRTRAC rubber outsole, these shoes deliver lightweight, cushioned comfort and maximum traction on rugged terrains.

Topo Men’s Ultraventure 3 Trail Running Shoes:



Featuring a Vibram XS Trek EVO outsole and Zip FOAM midsole compound, these shoes boast optimal durability, excellent traction, and increased rebound.

Best Shoes for Long Runs

Adidas Men’s Adizero Adios Pro 3 Running Shoes:



This footwear, equipped with five carbon fiber rods (ENERGYRODS) and LIGHTSTRIKE PRO cushions, offers lightweight stiffness, resilient foam layers, and excellent wet surface traction for extended runs.

HOKA Men’s Clifton 9 Running Shoes:



Designed with extra cushioning in the midsole for faster races, this shoe ensures bouncy and cushioned comfort while maintaining a lightweight build.

Best Shoes for Road Racing

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam X 1080v12 Running Shoes:



Featuring Fresh Foam X midsole cushioning and a breathable yet supportive mesh upper, these shoes guarantee high performance and reliable comfort.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 25 Running Shoes:



Utilizing FF BLAST PLUS technology, these shoes offer lightweight impact absorption, responsive rebound, and softer landings.

Best Shoes for Speedwork

Nike Men’s Pegasus 38 Road Running Shoes:



Ideal for those seeking a shoe with arch support and a responsive feel, these shoes boast a midsole with thick React foam and gender-differentiated cushioning.

Best Shoes for Arch Support

ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 24 Running Shoes:


Featuring plush midsole padding, gel pods, and gender-specific medial plates, these shoes offer targeted support and impact absorption.

Skechers Men’s GO WALK Speed Walker Running Shoes:



Emphasizing the patented Arch Fit insole system and Hyper Burst cushioning midsole, these shoes provide podiatrist-certified arch support and enhanced traction.

Best Wide Running Shoes for Men

Altra Running Men’s Lone Peak 7 Running Shoes:



These shoes incorporate an upgraded MaxTrac outsole, canted lugs for superior grip, and an Altra EGO midsole for optimal comfort and responsiveness.

Altra Running Men’s Rivera 3 Running Shoes:



Designed to ensure proper, low-impact form during runs, these shoes offer balanced cushioning, increased flexibility, and energy return.

Best Everyday Men’s Running Shoes

NAOT Men’s Galaxy Running Shoes:



A lightweight everyday knit sneaker featuring NAOT’s removable latex and cork footbed, molding to the foot while offering excellent support.

The provided information comprises an FAQ on men’s running shoes, shedding light on essential aspects such as materials, support levels, and more, compiled by a team of podiatrists.


  • How do running shoes differ from traditional sneakers?
    Daughtry explains that running shoes outperform traditional sneakers by being lightweight and designed for faster movement. Tread patterns vary based on the sport; for instance, cross trainers facilitate side-to-side motion, while trail shoes feature deeper treads for uneven terrain.
    Additionally, running shoes provide better arch support, and superior shock absorption through cushioning, and often incorporate breathable mesh materials for flexibility in toe deformities.
  • What are the benefits of wearing running shoes?
    According to Pinker, running shoes offer support, shock absorption, cushioning, and prevent injuries, enhancing running efficiency and enjoyment. They’re lightweight, and provide better arch support, improved shock absorption, and enhanced breathability compared to other shoe types.
  • When should I wear running shoes (besides running, of course)?
    Pinker suggests utilizing running shoes for various athletic activities like cross-training, gym workouts, aerobics, and daily work. However, he advises reserving specialized running shoes specifically for running. Additionally, individuals needing orthotics due to foot ailments find neutral or basic running shoes beneficial.
  • What materials are running shoes typically made from?
    Daughtry explains that running shoes commonly use carbon rubber for durable outsoles, blown rubber for forefoot cushioning, and midsoles crafted from materials like ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyurethane. The midsole may integrate gel or foam for shock absorption, especially in long-distance running shoes.
  • What materials make running shoes “waterproof”?
    Pinker mentions that Gore Tex, akin to the three-layered structure of raincoats, is a popular waterproofing material. However, despite effectively repelling water, it may compromise breathability, leading to excessive sweating and moisture retention within the shoes.


In summary, the guide provides an extensive selection of men’s running shoes, categorized by functionality to suit various activities and preferences. The accompanying FAQ section, endorsed by a team of podiatrists, equips consumers with crucial insights into running shoe nuances, materials, benefits, and suitable usage scenarios. Empowered by this information, individuals can confidently navigate the diverse range of available running footwear, making informed choices to meet their specific needs and preferences.

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